Efficient Nutrition

Jessica Sedgwick


My name is Jess and my horse is Good Morgan, known as Harvey at home. He is an 18yr old TBxISH who loves going fast!

We compete in Endurance travelling all over Great Britain and compete in rides up to 80km. We have been doing endurance for four years now and it is without doubt Harvey’s (and my) favourite!

We have been a part of Team Balanced since 2015 and Harvey has been fed on BHF Stamin-A for three years now. It is the perfect feed for Harvey, we previously struggled to find a feed that provided him with condition and the energy required yet kept him calm and focused. He is in the best condition he has ever been and the Stamin-A really helps to fuel him over the longer distance rides without fizzing him up!

“I always recommend Balanced Horse Feeds to others. They have a wide range of feeds and there is something to suit every horse and pony. The feed is always such a high quality and the nutritional advice I have received is always fantastic!”