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Balanced Show Mix is the original fibre based, cost effective conditioning feed.

Designed to aid weight gain, promote extra condition and provide that show ring shine.

Balanced Show Mix is a low starch feed, its energy is provided from slow release sources like fibre and oil to help avoid the behavioural problems that can be associated with high cereal feeds.

Balanced Show Mix contains a blend of long fibre sources carefully hand selected from the finest quality straw, controlled levels of cooked cereals and vegetable protein sources.

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What our customers are saying

Claudia Moore

“I am proud to be an ambassador for Balanced Feeds as I believe I am giving my ponies the best feed there is.”
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Sandy Anderson

Thistledown Stud

“I feed all my stud on Balanced as they have proved to me that they are the most cost effective feeds on the market and the ponies love the feeds which helps.”Read More...

Louise Young

“Amazing food, would recommend it for everyone to try. Once you open the first bag, smell it, horse eats it up fast you will wonder why you never changed your feed before, also love Happy feet.”
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Matt Hicks

Hicks Equestrian

“Since feeding Balanced Horse Feeds I have found all of my horses are feeling well within themselves, as well as looking great on the outside.”Read More...
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Sam Roberts

Roberts Native Show Team

“I have never had a pony that hasn’t eaten up on Balanced horse feeds”Read More...
Sharyl Horley Balanced Horse Feeds

Sharyl Horley

“I had tried various feeds and supplements, but never felt my boys were getting what they needed as individuals. Since feeding ‘Balanced’ I no longer worry, as I know they are getting everything they need for the work they do, without further supplementation. And the results speak for themselves as they look and feel incredible.”Read More...
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Pippa Woodall

Park Farm Stud

“We have been feeding Balanced horse for many many years. Everything from foals, Broodmares, youngstock to competition horses, veterans, racehorses and rehabs. They all look fantastic on it, we are often complimented on how they all look and I would not use any other feed!”Read More...
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Amy Stovold

“My Dressage horses look and feel amazing, they're level headed and always have enough in reserve to compete at the highest level”Read More...
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Julian Mincher

“Wow”

Balanced Horse Feeds have been making cost effective feeds using our speciality ‘efficient nutrition’ for horses and ponies in the UK for over 35 years.
Throughout that time the Balanced Concept has remained the same – We recognise that different categories of horses require different approaches to their feeding regimes.

Balanced believe passionately that the grass roots of efficient nutrition means no hassle feed from the bag, no extra additives and no compromise with the composition.

This is where we started and a position we proudly maintain to this day.

The team at Balanced HQ have bred and shown, competed and judged for over 50 years. Balanced combine traditional expertise with scientific and technological advances and, most importantly, made our game-changing discoveries available to all horse owners.

Our tailor-made formulas were devised to help us get ahead – we only wanted the best and we urge you to be just as uncompromising when feeding your horse or pony.

Our core principals are:

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