Competition Mix

Coarse mix for competition horse or pony Competition Mix is a highly palatable and dust free coarse mix designed to provide competition horses and ponies with quick release energy for optimum performance.
Competition Mix is blended from a mixture of cooked cereals and bruised oats, together with a concentrate pellet containing high quality vegetable protein sources and a full mineral and vitamin supplement.

Important antioxidant levels (vitamin E & selenium) have been elevated to help optimise performance and recovery. Key B vitamins have also been raised to help improve energy production. Soya oil is added to increase the energy density of the mix, and a pre-biotic is included to enhance digestion.

A little chaff may be added to the mix to increase bulk and to discourage horses from bolting their food.

When Competition Mix is fed at the required levels then no further supplementation is needed.

If feeding under the recommended daily intake then why not try using Balanced Low Intake Competition Mix…