Cooked Flaked Barley (Micronised Barley)

Uncooked Barley

Barley is a palatable, nutritious and good cereal grain for horses. It is a traditional cereal for a horse’s diet. Barley should not be fed whole, but can be fed cracked, rolled, cut, steam flaked, boiled or micronised. More energy-dense than oats, and a higher fibre content than maize, barley is seen as an ‘in between’ grain. Micronised barley increases digestive efficiency so it has an elevated energy level over that of uncooked barley.

Barley has been historically fed to increase the bulk of a horse (to put weight on). Balance Horse Feeds recognise the benefits of micronised barley – it is a key ingredient – but most important is the blend and balance of the overall composition. It is this composition that is key to providing an effective vehicle to deliver barley to your horse.

Show Mix from Balanced is the original fibre-based feed which contains micronised barley at the correct level. Show Mix is a scientifically formulated and proven feed which has been hugely successful for generations of horse owners since its introduction some 30 years ago.

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In some circumstances, the addition of barley to an existing ration can cause issues. Horses can exhibit erratic behaviour, filled legs, lumps and bumps (hives) and weight loss. For this reason Balanced developed Barley Free. This has been scientifically designed to pull a horse back from an adverse reaction to the barley in their original ration.

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Typical analysis of micronised barley:

Est. Digestible Energy: 15 MJ/kg

Protein: 13%

Fibre: 6%

Calcium: 0.05%

Phosphorus: 0.38%

Ca:P Ratio: 0.14:1

Cooked Flaked Barley (Micronised Barley)