Cooked Flaked Maize (Micronised Maize)

Uncooked Maize

Maize, or sometimes referred to as corn, is a highly palatable, nutritious grain that provides more energy than oats or barley if fed on a weight-for-weight basis. Therefore it is a very good source of concentrated carbohydrate (starch) energy and is much lower in fibre than both oats or barley, it also has a low protein level and quality.  Maize should not be fed whole, and dangers still surround the feeding of cracked or flaked maize so it should always be fed Micronised (cooked).

Est. Digestible Energy: 17.5 MJ/kg

Protein: 9%

Fibre: 2.5%

Calcium: 0.05%

Phosphorus: 0.60%

Ca:P Ratio: 0.08:1

Cooked Flaked Maize (Micronised Maize)

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