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With over thirty years of experience, we have formulated a range of feeds using traditional composition combined with the latest scientific and technological advances to meet the needs of all types of horses and ponies.

Our aim is to ensure that all horses and ponies can be fed to meet their dietary requirements, in a cost effective way, saving the owner time and  money and  with an  assurance that the horses’ well- being and health is our top priority.

The benefits of feeding Balanced Horse Feeds has long been recognised by many of the country’s leading top producers and competitors including studs, show jumpers, eventers, riding schools and livery yards and private horse owners. These owners are becoming more aware that correct feeding whatever the scale of work, is a major factor for good health and performance.

At Balanced Horse Feeds we recognise that different types of horses and ponies require different approaches to their feeding regimes, many  competition horses are required to work harder, faster and  over longer distances, with a greater degree of athleticism. By using our expertise and your horse’s talent we work with you to maximise their performance.

Our feeds help to regulate temperament and  improve performance and condition to whatever level is required and  assist in maintaining good health throughout the year for horses and ponies prone to seasonal disorders.

We are always happy to assist and advise on any feeding enquiry you have and to work with you to achieve the best possible feeding programme for your horse from our tried and tested range of feeds.

We look at the needs of the horse, 

        then the horse keeper

and design feeds to suit them both!

Balanced are one of the Top Horse feed manufacturers in the UK