Horse Feed


Using traditional composition combined with the latest scientific and technological advances, Balanced Horse Feeds formulates top quality horse feed to meet the needs of all types of horses & riders.


Our aim is to ensure that all horse and ponies use horse feed to meet their nutritional requirements, with a cost effective diet – to save time, money and anxiety.The benefits of feeding Balanced Horse Feeds have long been recognised by many of the country’s top show producers and competitors, studs, showjumpers, eventers, riding schools, livery yards and private horse owners as more and more horse keepers are becoming aware of the importance of correct feeding.


Balanced Horse Feeds recognise that different types of horses and ponies require different approaches to their feeding regimes, they work even harder, faster, over longer distances and with a greater degree of athleticism.By using your skills and our expertise, and your horse’s talents, we work with you to maximise performance.

Balanced Horse Feeds looks first at the needs of the horse, then the horse keeper and designs horse feed to suit them both