About Balanced

Balanced Horse Feeds have been providing efficient nutrition to horses and ponies in the UK for over 30 years. Throughout that time the Balanced Concept has remained the same – Balanced recognise that different categories of horses require different approaches to their feeding regimes.

Balanced believe passionately that the grass roots of efficient nutrition means no hassle feed from the bag, no extra additives and no compromise with the composition. This is where we started and a position we proudly maintain to this day.

The team at Balanced HQ have bred and shown, competed and judged for over 50 years. Balanced combine traditional expertise with scientific and technological advances and, most importantly,

made our game-changing discoveries available to all horse owners. Our tailor-made formulas were devised to help us get ahead – we only wanted the best and we urge you to be just as uncompromising when feeding your horse or pony.

Our core principals are to:

Use composition, wherever possible and practical, that would have been available to the horse living in its natural state. Formulated feeds specifically targeted to specific equine needs. Targeted nutrition is everything to us. Continually monitor the effects any of our range has on the species and to upgrade, improve or adjust nutrients accordingly. We are always looking for ways to improve.


Participate in and monitor current research. We want to ensure that our products remain at the top of their game. Market our products in an ethical way. We don’t use scare tactics in our marketing material and we do not slate our competitors or their products. Balanced recognise that owners have a choice and we do everything we can to encourage people to try our amazing feeds.

‘Effective Nutrition’ means combining your passion with our expertise and your horse’s talent. The team at Balanced want everyone to be able to benefit from effective nutrition whether you are a relatively inexperienced rider who has just purchased your attain the successes expected by sponsors. You might be a yard manager juggling a tight budget against the expectation to keep the horses in your care at optimum performance levels. Whatever your background or skill level, we want everyone to be able to experience the thrill of seeing an improvement in their horse’s performance and wellbeing.

Feed expert Ian Adams-Lane has spent his life looking after horses and competing at international level. He founded Balanced Horse Feeds over 30 years ago and remains stubbornly committed to providing the right composition, in the right formula to get the right result:

“Caring for a horse isn’t a hobby – it’s a way of life! Horses and ponies are asked to work ever harder. Competing at higher level, at faster speeds, over longer distances and with a greater degree of accuracy and athleticism. In the meantime agricultural practices have swung away from using traditional composition for horse feeds, in fact, some of the composition used now are quite worrying. My team and I feel this may be why some horses react badly to some feeds; with filled legs, bumps and temperament and proven composition in our products. We have always told people what we use and why we use it. Efficient nutrition isn’t an accident and neither are the fantastic results realised by our customers!”