Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide the best feeds available for horse and ponies living in the UK & Europe.

Our core principals are to

  1. Use composition, wherever possible and practical, that would have been available to the horse living in its natural state.
  2. formulate feeds specifically targeted to the particular equine in question.
  3. continually monitor the effects any of our range has on the species, and to upgrade, improve or adjust nutrients accordingly, in line with current research, in order to stay at the front of the marketplace.
  4. market our products in an ethical way i.e. to NOT sell any products by inferring that “if you don’t use them then you will not be doing ‘right’ by your horse or pony”.
  5. not slate our competitors or their products.
“Agricultural practices have swung away from using traditional composition for horse feeds, some of the composition used now are quite disturbing. My team and I feel this may be why some horses react badly to some feeds; with filled legs, bumps and  temperament oddities etc. We pride ourselves on  only using traditional well established composition in our products. We have always told people what we use and are more than happy that the law now makes it a requirement for all composition to be declared.” Ian Adams-lane.