Balanced HQ

Ian & Charlotte, the partners.

Ian is from an agricultural engineering background.
In the early 1980s he identified a need for scientifically formulated feed for horses and ponies.

“When I first started in this industry I was surprised at the incredibly crude approach to horse feed – it didn’t matter what manufacturers put in it as long as the bag was full!”

Ian worked with Deborah Leabeater, who is an expert in equine nutrition. Together, they formulated and launched Balanced Horse Feeds. Ian designed and manufactured the equipment that makes the feeds.

“It seemed obvious to me: If you want a chicken to grow you, feed it growing food; if you want it to lay, then feed it laying food. Why was equine nutrition so far behind?”

When Ian isn’t growing Balanced’s quality ingredients or working in the mill, he can be found on acting as ballast on the back of a competition carriage and grafting as groom to his pair of Dutch Welsh Section As.

“I have kept horses for as long as I can remember, but I can’t remember that long ago, I’m told it started when I was 12! The equestrian world isn’t a 9 to 5 job for me – it’s all the time – and I love it!”

Charlotte is part of Balanced’s testing and product development team. A consummate horsewoman, Charlotte is a champion carriage driver. She was Junior National FEI Singles Champion at 16 but changed to scurry driving for more of a rush and is a HOYS champion.

Charlotte has competed at the Horse of the Year Show for over 25 years, and can be regularly seen at the major county shows throughout the year – promoting Balanced and often coming home with a fist-full of rosettes.

“I see the positive effect of Balanced Horse Feed’s range every day when I feed it to my own ponies – there’s no better way to monitor and control the quality of our product.”

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