Hoof Booster

– Formulated for UK horses

– Contains Bio-Plex Minerals

– Supports & maintains hoof growth & formation

– Elevated levels of Biotin, Methionine, Zinc & Calcium

A balanced diet containing the correct supply of vitamins, minerals and amino acids is essential for the nutritional support of sound and healthy hoof growth. The latest research has indicated that some horses and ponies may require certain key nutrients at higher levels in order to maintain hoof condition.

Horses and ponies with hoof problems, including crumbly feet, brittle or cracked horn, or separation of the white line may benefit from these higher levels of certain key nutrients in their diet:

Biotin – is one of the water soluble B complex vitamins and has been shown to play a vital role in the maintenance of hoof integrity.

Methionine – is a sulphur containing amino acid and has an important function in the protein rich structures of the hoof.

Zinc & Calcium – are also thought to play significant roles in maintaining hoof structure and integrity.

Balanced Hoof Booster provides supplemental levels of these key nutrients on an alfalfa base to ensure palatability and bio-availability.


Calculated Analysis

Per 25g            Per kg

Biotin               15mg                600mg

Methionine       3mg                  120mg

Zinc                  50mg                2000mg


Recommended Daily Intake

Horses over 400kg – 25g

Ponies under 400kg – 15g