JMB (Joint & Muscle Booster)

horse supplement for joints and muscles

– Formulated for UK horses

– Uses the latest scientific research

– Supports & maintains joints & muscles

– Bio-Available Minerals


The next generation of scientific research has been used to create a joint & muscle supplement formulated especially for horses in the United Kingdom. Formulated to help maintain and support joints and muscles as well as promote performance in competition horses and ponies.

Many compounds that the horse’s body naturally produce to help support natural repair of the joints and muscles can be lost when damage exceeds the body’s ability to produce these compounds. JMB combines these compounds with bio-available minerals and plant extracts which can assist in the natural maintenance and support of joints and muscles.


Calculated Analysis

Per 30g            Per 20g            Per 10g            Per 5g

Glucosamine     7.5g                 5g                    2.5g                 1.25g

MSM                    10.5g               7g                    3.5g                 1.75g

Manganese     0.114g             0.096g             0.048g             0.024g

Vitamin C         2.96g               1.98g               0.99g               0.49g

Vitamin E         0.45g               0.3g                 0.15g               0.075g

Plant Extracts   3.3g                 2.2g                 1.1g                 0.55g

(including Boswella Serate, Rosemary, Grape Seed Soluble Extract)


Initial Loading Dose – 4 Weeks

Horses over 400kg – 30g daily

Ponies under 400kg – 20g daily


All horses and ponies are individuals and in most cases the daily dose can be reduced to 10g per day or in some cases as little as 5g.