Salts Replacer (Electrolytes)

– Formulated for all horses and ponies living in the UK

– Helps replace key electrolytes lost through sweating or through diarrhea

– Helps to promote drinking which in turn helps to restore fluid balance


Balanced Salts Replacer has been carefully formulated to help replace the electrolytes lost through sweating and to promote drinking to restore the fluid balance. It may be added to the feed to assist recovery from sweat loss.


Calculated Analysis

Calcium            1%

Sodium               9%

Chloride           14.2%

Potassium         3%

Magnesium       1.0g

Selenium           0.1mg

Copper               20.0mg

Manganese       40.0mg

Zinc                  30.0mg


Recommended Daily Intake

Horses over 400kg  40 – 60g

Ponies under 400kg – 20 – 40g