Leisure Range

Guide to feeding ‘Good Doers’ at pasture

● Choose the correct feed for condition, workload and age.

Baseline MixPalatable fibre based feed for light work

Baseline CubesPalatable fibre based cube for light work

High Fibre CubesLow sugar, low starch cube

At Grass MixLow intake mix with elevated vitamins & minerals, reduced calories


● If feeding less than the recommended daily intake then add Balanced Booster to ensure vitamin and mineral intakes are maintained.


● Ensure forage intake is fed at least 1% of bodyweight daily


● Choose the correct and most suitable forage. Hay with a higher stalk to leaf ratio will provide less calories and more roughage.


● Fluid intake is critical. Make sure all water mangers/buckets are regularly cleaned, and during the cold winter months any ice is broken.


Balanced JMB (Joint & Muscle Booster) will provide nutritional support for joints and muscles.


● Check fields and hedges regularly for poisonous plants.


● Make sure that rugs and head collars are regularly removed to check body condition and for minor injuries.