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At Grass Mix | For horses and ponies at grass | Horse Feed from Balanced Horse Feeds
Efficient Nutrition

At Grass Mix


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Estimated Digestible Energy 10.00MJ/kg

Analytical Constituents

Protein 11.50 % Vitamin A 26,000.00 iu/kg
Oil 4.00 % Vitamin D3 3,125.00 iu/kg
Fibre 12.00 % Vitamin E 625.00 mg/kg
Ash 10.00 % Selenium 0.80 mg/kg
Calcium 1.80 % Biotin 500.00 mcg/kg
Phosphorus 0.70 % Copper 90.00 mg/kg

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 At Grass Mix, ideal for good doers and overweight orses, low calorie feed, low starch, low sugar.

A highly concentrated and palatable feed ideal for ‘Good Doers’ when pasture and forage meets most of their energy, protein and fibre requirements.

Pasture and forage may not meet the horse’s need for essential vitamins, minerals and some amino acids. At Grass Mix is formulated to be fed in very small quantities to provide these missing nutrients, especially important for hoof care.

The low daily intake and elevated vitamins and minerals make At Grass Mix suitable for most horses and ponies that are prone to laminitis.A little chaff may be added to the feed to provide extra fibre and to encourage chewing.

When fed at the recommended levels At Grass Mix requires no further supplementation.

Daily Feeding Recommendations
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