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Efficient Nutrition

Baseline Mix


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high fibre , low calorie horse and pony mix
1 Scoop Approx = 1kg
Estimated Digestible Energy 9.50MJ/kg 

Analytical Constituents

Protein 8.00 % Vitamin A 8,200.00 iu/kg
Oil 2.50 % Vitamin D3 1,200.00 iu/kg
Fibre 17.00 % Vitamin E 25.00 mg/kg
Ash 8.00 % Selenium 0.32 mg/kg
Calcium 1.30 % Manganese 100.00 mg/kg
Phosphorus 0.30 % Copper 35.00 mg/kg

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Baseline Mix - Horse feed for light work A highly palatable, dust free, low calorie fibre based mix formulated for horses or ponies in light work.Baseline Mix is ideal for the caring horse owner, providing good basic nutrition for horses or ponies who do not require a high specification concentrate feed.

Baseline Mix contains a blend of long fibre sources carefully hand selected from the finest quality straw and high temperature dried grass providing controlled levels of ‘slow release’ energy. Pure unrefined soya oil is included to help aid condition and coat shine.This feed also contains high quality vegetable protein provided from soya bean meal and a concentrate cube is included providing a full vitamin and mineral supplement. Apple spice is included to help increase palatability and make the feed suitable for fussy feeders.Baseline Mix is built around fibre so there is no need to add chaff to the feed, however the addition of a little well soaked sugar beet will not upset the balance of the feed and provide additional bulk fibre. Baseline Mix is suitable for all types of horses or ponies.

Daily Feeding Recommendations
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