Performance Range

Guide for Choosing the Best Performance Feed

● Choose the correct energy type and level for the individual horse.

Competition Mix – Quick release energy

High Fibre Competition Mix – Slow release energy

Low Intake Competition Mix – Elevated minerals & vitamins, reduced calorie intake.

High Performance Mix – Quick release energy

Xtreme Energy – Unique Dual Energy release


● Ensure the daily intake meets the correct vitamin and mineral requirements.

See bag feeding recommendations.


● Performance horses have a high free radical burden, choosing a feed with elevated antioxidants will help optimise performance and recovery.


● After periods of hard work and heavy sweating, using Balanced Salts Replacer will help to replace key electrolytes lost through sweating.


● Balanced JMB (Joint & Muscle Booster) will provide nutritional support for joints and muscles.


● Ensure forage intake is fed at least 1% of bodyweight daily.


● Fluid balance is critical in performance horses, and water consumption should be carefully monitored at all times.