Invalid Diet


coarse mix for horse or pony on box rest
1 Scoop Approx = 1.3kg
Estimated Digestible Energy 10.50MJ/kg
Analytical Constituents

Protein12.50%Vitamin A16,800.00iu/kg
Oil4.50%Vitamin D32,000.00iu/kg
Fibre12.00%Vitamin E400.00mg/kg

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 a mix for horse who is on rest and recovery A highly palatable dust free coarse mix designed to provide optimum nutrition for horses and ponies that are convalescing or confined to box rest.The vitamins and minerals have been raised to help provide a reduced calorie intake, and high quality vegetable protein is included to assist with tissue repair. Correct levels of micronutrients including important antioxidants (vitamin E & selenium), magnesium and key B vitamins are available to help promote optimum well being and aid a speedy recovery.Invalid Diet also contains pure unrefined soya oil to help enhance coat bloom and gloss while the horse or pony is on limited or no work.Invalid Diet only uses traditional composition so is highly palatable for fussy feeders. A little chaff may be added to help encourage chewing. When Invalid Diet is fed at the recommended levels no further supplementation is required.
Daily Feeding Recommendations

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