Pony/Riding Clubs


We offer free of charge lectures for pony clubs and riding clubs based within the South East of England.

We can do daytimes, evenings or weekends. We can follow your pony club syllabus or talk about whatever issues are affecting you in your area.

Our talks will generally consist of the following:

– Evolution and the make up of the digestive system
– Looking at the various stages of digestion and how these relate to practical domesticated feeding
– Possible Digestive problems and the preventions for these problems

– The difference between hay and haylage and the best scenarios to feed them
– How to best calculate what type of forage your horse or pony needs and how much to feed

– Look at the traditional feedstuffs; straights & chaffs etc and their feeding values.
– Understanding different energy types and their uses.
– The various different types of compound feeds available and how to choose the most suitable one.
– How to make sure your horse or pony gets the correct nutrition.
– How to best manage your diet to keep you within budget.

If you are interested in holding or having one of these talks then please contact us on 01372 721700 or enquiries@balancedfeeds.co.uk