Katie Preston

My name is Katie Preston, I am 29 years old and live and work in Kent/Sussex. I work full time as an equine vet, at Milbourn Equine, and am an amateur event rider fitting my horses into my ‘spare time’! It is hard work and I regularly find there arent enough hours in the day but I love every aspect of it and am lucky to have two brilliant horses to ride that make it all the early mornings and late nights worthwhile!

“I am so lucky and proud to be supported by Balanced Horse Feeds and since starting to feed their products I have had my best season eventing to date with regular complements on how well my horses look.”

Templar Justice (TJ) is a 10 year old, 15.2, British Sport Horse who I purchased as a two year old from Templar Stud and have produced right up the levels. He is my horse of a lifetime and I am so proud of what we have achieved together including 2nd in our first CCI*, representing GBR at the world young horse championships for seven year olds and placings at advanced and Gatcombe Intermediate championships. Together we have completed Blair, Chatsworth, Blenheim and Bramham 3* events with double clears and top 20 placings at the last two. He is the most incredible horse to ride who tries so hard for me in all three phases, he is especially brilliant XC and has taken me round some amazing tracks competing alongside the best in the world. Sadly he is currently sidelined with injury but I am hoping to get him back to form for some of the 2017 season, I would love to go all the way with him and compete at 4* level, Badminton is certainly the dream!

TJ was a tricky horse to feed – very fussy, prone to ulcers and inclined to get tense/overexcited. Since putting him on Balanced N-Hance he finishes up all his feed, is in better condition than ever before and is very relaxed and rideable without lacking any of his enthusiasm and stamina. I really feel this has been reflected in our amazing results last season at 3* level and am so glad I found Balanced to support us.

Dreams Come True ( Tia) is a great fun six year old homebred mare who despite being only 15 hands is showing bags of potential and a great attitude to eventing. She has won and placed at BE100 level, and has very easily made the step up to novice with a 3rd placing to end her season as a five year old. She is also a great hunter and we spend the winters galloping and hedge hopping round the beautiful Sussex countryside. Next season I will aim for 1* competitions and the six year old championships.

Tia is quite a lazy good doer so I have struggled previously with the issue of providing enough energy without her getting too fat and restricting her calories without her lacking all the micronutrients to perform at her best. On the concentrated nutrition of Balanced Low Intake Competition mix I only have to feed 1.5kg and she gets everything she needs to be fit (not fat) and well, full of energy and produce great results!

Both eventers also receive Electro Salts replacer ensuring all the electrolytes lost when working are fully replenished, it also encourages them to drink well and aids rapid recovery and good health.

I also have two rising three year olds – Templar Juno and Theias Lucky Star – waiting to be produced and become my next eventers. They are both fed on Balanced Youngstock mix giving me peace of mind that they are receiving everything they need to grow into my next superstars!!

I would (and do!) recommend Balanced Horse Feed’s products to anyone and there are so many reasons why but the main things are:


Complete range – the great variety means there is a Balanced feed suitable for your horse, whatever type/temperament and discipline you compete in from hard work to happy hacking, convalescing, growing etc.

Simplicity and Quality – complete feeds saving time and space and avoiding confusion, all made with top quality composition reducing quantities needed to be fed.

Great Team – full nutritional support from knowledgeable and friendly staff to help with diet planning and willing to help at all times in any way they can.