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Tomas Hanlon

Tomás Hanlon



“At Hanlon Sport Horses we feed a multitude of products from Balanced Horse Feeds.

The event horses mostly get fed Show Mix. I have tried a number of products before Balanced came on board and I struggled with keeping a balance between having a topline and the horses looking and feeling well and having them calm and collected in their work. Without a doubt, Show Mix allows horses to look and feel well, whilst keeping them level in their brains at competition.

The youngsters of all ages are given young stock developer mix, which they love. The developer mix, helps the babies grow at a good weight without adding to much weight which can stress joints. I couldn’t be happier with the way they look.

The broodmares are fed the stud mix and the stallions are fed Baseline Mix during the winter and Show Mix in the summer to add more condition without adding any excitement.”

Thomas regularly has horses competing in young horse age classes in eventing and showjumping. He also has some horses stepping up to * and 2* eventing, with the aim of Percy (pictured) finishing his season at Le Lion young horse Championships.

“This would all not be possible without BHF’s help and expert advice, keeping my horses fit, healthy and feeling great.”