Victoria Leabeater

“I am very proud to have been a part of Team Balanced for a few years, and I have been very lucky to benefit from the nutritional knowledge that has helped my horses compete at their best whilst being comfortable and happy. I find it very encouraging that they are always monitoring their ranges of feeds and keeping up-to-date with research in the industry to see how they can make the best quality feeds.”

I am lucky enough to have two horses to event in the 2017 season!

Dolces E – Belgium warm blood, mare.

2014 PC Open Eventing Champions

2015 South West CCIJ* Team

2015 and 2016 – 2* completions and top 10 placing’s in OIu21 classes and BE Intermediates.

2016 – Bicton CIC** 14th

In the 2017 season we are aiming to compete in the OIu21 trials and the CCIYR** National Championships. We hope to aim at an Advanced later in the season.

Vincent IV – New Zealand warm blood, gelding.

2015 – Top 10 placing’s BE Novice

2016 – Top 10 placing’s OIu21 and CIC**

In the 2017 season we are also aiming Vincent for the OIu21 trials and CCIYR** in May. We will aim to get more experience at Intermediate and 2*.

Dolces is feed Competition Mix to help keep her performing at her best throughout the season! The elevated antioxidant levels help with recovery, which is so important in Eventing and the palatable mix provides Dolces with the necessary quick release energy.

Vincent is fed Show Mix to help keep his condition. He was prone to suffering from ulcers, but with the fibre based content of this feed, he is much more comfortable and keeps weight on better. Vincent can be rather excitable at events so we found Show Mix was good with the slow release energy, for giving him enough, but keeping the ‘fizz’ to a minimum!

Both horses have the JMB Supplement – Joint and Muscle Booster. We find that this helps with maintenance of joints and muscles, especially during the season, when recovery is so important.

My three reasons to recommend Balanced:

The range of feeds available is extensive, and always produced to such a high quality. With the different ranges of feeds available there is a Balanced feed for all temperaments and workloads.

The supportive team at Balanced is always so helpful when discussing dietary needs and in giving support in both the season and the off-season.

All horses that we have had which have been fed with Balanced have had great appetites for their feed, even when they have previously had issues. It can’t be a coincidence that they all love it!