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—–Original Message—–
Can you tell me when your next delivery to the Sidcup area is please. I ordered some show mix from you which you kindly delivered last week. The food has been brilliant so much that a couple of other people (and the rats) are trying it (at my cost !!).

My daughters pony is now looking very healthy, her weight has returned, her energy has returned, it is brilliant.

My eldest daughter has a 17hh 6 year old draft x that has also lost loads of weight, he can be quite hot headed, would the show mix be the right food to feed him?

Lesley Q

—–Original Message—–
To all at Balanced horse feed. Thankyou for your part in me achieving a life time ambition of winning the Scurry Driving Championship at the Horse of the Year show.
Changing to Balanced horse feeds has made all the difference. Piglet becomes so excited at shows that she has previously refused to eat.
In the last four years the ponies have won 8 classes at HOYS but after a week of Piglet eating virtually no food, they have never quite had the edge by the chamionship. We tried a number of different feeds and appetisers but to no avail.
After speaking to you very knowledgabe and equally friendly staff on the ‘advice’ line, we decided to give Balanced Show Mix a try. Piglet loves it! And the proof was in the pudding when she ate all week at HOYS this year! This made a tremendous difference to her performance and by the end of the week she looked as good and performed as well as she did on the first day, giving us the winning edge in the championship. I couldn’t ask for more.
Not only do you produce a superb cost effective product, the service throughout has been fantastic.
I would certainly reccomend Balanced Horse feeds to anyone. Thank you!
Jemma Millman
Code Pooh Bear and Piglet
—–End Message—–

—–Original Message—–
I just wanted to e-mail to thank you for you feeding advice . During the summer I called your help line re my 20yr old TB x gelding who is a poor doer and fussy feeder and your advice was most helpful and he loves you products!
His absolute favorite is your Show mix which he shouts for every feed time!! (most unusual as he’s always been a very quite horse!!) I also mix in some Oldster as adviced which bought him up to weight nicely and I’m optimistic for a fatter winter this year!!
My old pony also enjoyed the ‘At grass Mix’ and is now on the ‘Oldster’ due to her not needing too much food (opposite to the old boy!!) and it’s easier for them to share a sack!!
—–End Message—–

—–Original Message—–
dear ian,
after our recent phone call you said to write in. i won the large hacks class at hoys(horse of the year show) this year and produce show and show hunter ponies and managed to qualify 9 this year seven of them were placed and four in the top 3 all fed on your ‘balanced’ show mix,
some some of my previous successes have been champion at hoys in 2004 and 8 times winner bsps championships and winner rihs(royal international horse show) 3 times, and some of my sucesses producing have been champion at the royal show 2007 and many wins at bsps championships also several ponies in the top 3 at rihs and hoys.
the mare i won hoys with this year’opuim casa leona’ only came out of eventing in febuary 2008
so your feed has been excellent for getting her in top show condition along with my other horses and ponies. ‘opuim casa leona’ is a novice in her first season of showing and only done five shows this year and i have only ever done 3 horse classes since coming out of bsps intermidiate classes at 25 (now 26) so winning hoys was a real achivement on my own and the horses account.
your product has been a massive contribution to my success .
thank you
your sincerly
adam winbourne
—–End Message—–

I have used BALANCED’ Horse feeds for many years and had considerable success in the show ring. The feeds are so consistent and the quality never varies. BALANCED’ is certainly part of our team, and I hope that it will be for many years to come.

I tried most of the feed ranges, balancers & digestive enhancers for my stressed and ‘picky’ TB – but until I tried BALANCED’ SHOW MIX it was a battle to interest him in his feeds! Now he has, what I can only describe as, greedy feeding habits! He has calmed down and is in great condition.
J Hornsby-Kerr

Our New Forest foal arrived lice infected and emaciated and is now a picture of health – all down to your fantastic products! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
Sarah Friend

My horses have never looked better or felt better – fed only BALANCED’ SHOW MIX
Di Lampard – International Show Jumper.

I changed my mare on to BALANCED’ Stamin-A – and she is actually listening to me now! She’s much more relaxed and finishing rides full of running and with a nice low pulse! So I’m finishing rides in a much happier frame of mind – Stamin-A works for both horse and rider!
Anne Campbell

I’m writing to say many thanks for the wonderful condition my horse is in. Two months ago he was scrawny, tucked up, with a harsh coat, cracked hooves and no energy. I put him on SHOW MIX and I am amazed at the change in him, his coat is incredibly shiny and he is up to weight and building top-line!
Please don’t stop making SHOW MIX! Amanda McLachlan

‘Flannagan’ National Champion Working Cob – he hunted at 30 years old! BALANCED’ JOINT & MUSCLE BOOSTER has kept him going!
Babette Cole

I run a livery, competition yard and stud – with over 40 horses. Balanced’ has met every requirement of every horse for nearly 20 years. I’m completely satisfied – and so are they.

Timmy was a fussy & picky eater, thin and tucked up! We saw the ad. For SHOW MIX and thought that anything was worth a try. Now he can hardly wait to get in the feed bucket and eats up with enthusiasm! We want to say a big thank you to your supportive and helpful Freephone Helpline.
Ruth Grice & Charlotte Bartle

‘Amoray’ Winner Veteran Grand Prix – Dijon, France. Having tried others on the market – changed to BALANCED’ JOINT & MUSCLE BOOSTER – and the results speak for themselves!
Bina Ford

Thank you for your helpful advice about feeding my miniature Shetland. I have been so worried – as she didn’t like any of the feeds that I offered her and she was loosing weight. She loves the sample of the concentrated ration BALANCED’ AT GRASS MIX that you sent and I know that she is getting all the nutrients she needs now, in a small feed.
Kim Bryant

Excellent feeds, 15 years of proven success – the results speak for themselves. Robert Stevens Event Rider.

Our new Welsh Sec. D gelding was under-weight, with no top-line and very hyped-up; at his first cross country event he ran with sweat before we even got started. Now he looks fantastic – thanks to BALANCED’ SHOW MIX, he’s calm and happy with a fab top-line.
Suzy Walker.

My Arabian Endurance horse was either ‘too hot to handle’ or the weight just dropped off him. In the spring, after phoning for advice, I started to feed Stamin-A – and soon saw the difference, he was not over excited and he didn’t finish ‘tucked up’ By August his muscle development was tremendous – he had to have a new saddle and rugs. Thanks for introducing such a suitable feed for endurance horses.
Sue Knowles.