Sharyl Horley


Sharyl Horley Balanced Horse Feeds

My name is Sharyl Horley. I have owned and produced my own ponies and horses since the age of 12. Initially I competed in SJ and had many successes with my ponies, but later I stumbled across eventing, which became the love of my life! In recent years ‘Showing’ has taken over and my two home produced boys are doing me proud with many wins on the Affiliated Showing circuit.

I have been feeding my horses on ‘Balanced’ since becoming a Brand Ambassador in 2015.

“I had tried various feeds and supplements, but never felt my boys were getting what they needed as individuals. Since feeding ‘Balanced’ I no longer worry, as I know they are getting everything they need for the work they do, without further supplementation. And the results speak for themselves as they look and feel incredible.”

Sharyl Horley Balanced Horse Feeds

I have three quite different horses, all have specific dietary requirements:

Dark Solitaire (Solly) 16.1 TB Gelding, 28 years old!

Solly competes in Affiliated Veteran Classes, is highly strung and tricky to keep weight on. Balanced ‘Oldster’ is brilliant as it contains ‘Biotin’ for his older hooves, ‘Glucosamine and MSM’ for his joints, and ‘cooked cereals’ and ‘Prebiotic’ to keep his digestive system settled. Solly is also fed ‘JMB’ joint and muscle booster, which has really made a difference with his mobility. Since feeding ‘Oldster’ he keeps the weight on during the winter and hits the ground running in the Spring. He had a great season last year finishing reserve for Olympia. This year we are hoping to go all the way to Olympia, and with ‘Balanced’ helping to keep him looking amazing, there is no reason why not!

Horsmans Outlaw (Chester) 15hh Welsh Sec D Gelding, 10 years old.

Chester competes in Affiliated M & M Classes and this is his first year in Open Classes and HOYS qualifiers. Being native he puts on weight easily so ‘Laminitis’ is always a concern. He is also very naughty and prone to ‘exploding’! Therefore I needed a feed that helped keep him ‘calm’ and ‘focused’, but with enough energy to ‘wow’ the judges and also satisfy his love for food! ‘Happy Feet’ ticks all the boxes! It is ‘Low in Starch and Sugar’, contains no ‘Molasses’ but is ‘high in Vitamins and Minerals’. Being chaff based and with the addition of a generous amount of nuts, it takes him longer to eat and he loves it!


Summer Magic (Magic) 13hh New Forest Gelding, 20 years old.

Magic is a Saint and very much a happy go lucky uncomplicated pony. He competes in unaffiliated M & M classes, Dressage, Working Hunter and SJ. As with Chester, being Native he puts on weight easily, but Magic gets ‘Laminitis’ from time to time. Therefore ‘Happy Feet’ came to the rescue again! Magic can have a decent amount to satisfy his love of food, but I know he is getting everything he needs and nothing that will make him gain weight or bring on his Laminitis. He thoroughly enjoys his ‘Happy Feet’.

“I am so thrilled to be part of ‘Team Balanced’ for 2017 and I hope I continue to do them proud!”

Sharyl Horley Balanced Horse Feeds