The Final Countdown

One week to go. The final countdown is here!

The ponies have been working well and we are happy with their progress. Final decisions have been made and we have clipped one of the boys going but all the others are staying as they are, which is what I personally prefer for native ponies. Final preparations are well under way and the farrier and physio have been to ensure they are in as good as shape as possible. Some of them have been to a show or HOYS Practise which went well. So fingers crossed we have prepared them as best as possible.

I have been lucky to receive some deliveries for the show – a great supply direct from Balanced Horse Feeds means I am well stocked up with Show Mix for the week ahead, as well as a good supply of chocolate bars by the box load for me!

I competed at the British Dressage Nationals last Friday which was great fun, its such a wonderful opportunity to ride alongside professional dressage riders on their top horses. Very inspirational! Quite a contrast from them on their very big powerful horses doing piaffe to me on my little Welsh Section B, but we held our own and came away with a very credible 8th place.

At the moment my desk is filled with paperwork, lists and timetables. Any jobs that we can do we have but most have to be left to closer to the day such as trimming, washing, cleaning tack, packing the lorry. Its all very exciting.

For those going, a few little tips…

Wear comfortable footwear! There is a lot of walking and if you’ve not got comfortable footwear you maybe a bit foot sore in no time at all!

Pack warm clothes. It is cold at night sleeping in the lorry and the early morning are fresh.

Remember the wash bucket. Don’t forget to pack an extra bucket for all your washing stuff, you don’t want to be putting soapy water in a bucket and then be expecting your pony to drink from it.

Your pony/horse must wear their bridle numbers at all times when they are out of the stables. You wont be allowed into exercise arenas without them.
I’m really looking forward to the show, to think that this time next week I will be there with my ponies and ready to compete. For me, this is a really exciting time, a chance to go through into that ring, it gives me goosebumps with pride. Some of my ponies hadn’t even been to a show this time last year and for one of them they were only broken into ride over the winter! They’ve all improved and got better as the year has gone on; and progress is always so satisfying and pleasing to achieve.

For some their dreams will come true, but others will be left thinking what if or if only ….. just remember what your dream was on a cold, wet miserable rainy January day. If it was to qualify and compete at HOYS, make sure you reflect and realise how far you and your partnership have come. Your taking home the best pony/horse and he really doesn’t care if he is placed or not, he just wants a polo and to get muddy in the field again!

Don’t forget to come along to the live zone on Wednesday as it would be great to see some smiley faces in the audience.
I would just like to wish everyone competing the best best of luck, remember to enjoy your time at the show, its a fantastic achievement to have qualified. Smile and enjoy yourself.