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Efficient Nutrition

Weanling Mix

A traditional coarse mix designed to provide optimum nutrition during the weaning process.

Estimated Digestible Energy 13.00MJ/kg

Typical Analysis

Protein 16.00 %
Oil 4.00 %
Fibre 8.00 %
Ash 10.00 %
Calcium 1.40 %
Phosphorus 0.80 %


Ingredients Mix: Concentrate Pellets, Cooked Flaked Barley, Cooked Flaked Maize, Cooked Flaked Peas, Cooked Flaked SoyaBruised OatsCane Molasses, Soya Oil, Apple Flavour

Ingredients Concentrate Pellet: Wheatfeed, Oatfeed, Soya (Non GM), Sunflower Extraction, Barley, Limestone, Di-Cal Phosphate, Salt, Minerals & Vitamins, Amino Acids, Oil, Apple Spice