Highly palatable mix for the older horse
1 Scoop = Approx 1kg
Estimated Digestible Energy 11.00MJ/kg
Analytical Constituents

Protein 13.00 % Vitamin A 17,000.00 iu/kg
Oil 4.00 % Vitamin D3 2,000.00 iu/kg
Fibre 12.0 % Vitamin E 400.00 mg/kg
Ash 10.50 % Selenium 0.60 mg/kg
Calcium 1.80 % Biotin 375.00 mcg/kg
Phosphorus 0.75 % Copper 50.00 mg/kg

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 horse food for mature horse  

A highly palatable dust free feed formulated to provide optimum nutrition and well being for the mature horses and ponies.

Oldster is blended from a mixture of controlled levels of cooked cereals, the finest quality high temperature dried grass, high quality vegetable protein sources and a concentrate pellet provided elevated levels of key vitamins and minerals. Pure unrefined soya oil is included to help aid condition.

A unique blend of antioxidants has been included to support the horse’s immune system, and MSM & Glucosamine are added for the nutritional support of healthy joints. High levels of biotin are included to enhance coat bloom and aid hoof quality and condition and a pre biotic is added for the nutritional support of a healthy digestive system.

When Oldster is fed at the recommended levels no further supplementation is needed.

Daily Feeding Recommendations

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